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Galena Photographer

Maternity, newborn and family photographer creating a full client experience for moms wanting to display their gallery in their homes

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Offering a personal experience to fit your needs


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Serving you with wardrobe to framing and timeless art in your homes

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Ever feel like...

  1. Planning a wardrobe for your family is so overwhelming and you can never find the perfect pieces or patterns to create beautiful portrait!

  2. You spend $100+ on the perfect dress that compliments your body and only wear it once!

  3. Getting your images off the screen and displayed in your home seems to never happen!

  4. You want to showcase your family session in your home with a gallery wall or an album but can't find the time!

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But imagine if...

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Does this sound like something you are looking for?

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maternity, newborn and family photography serving moms with a full client photography experience so they can cherish beautiful artwork in their homes

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Wardrobe & Styling Consultation

Once you have booked your session we will meet for your wardrobe appointment. Here you will choose between 50+ beautiful dresses. I have children options that we will put together after you decide your dress. We will also discuss location and look over artwork options.

Ordering Appointment

After our session we will meet and view your gallery together. I will have a few gallery walls designed for your home and how the perfect gallery wall will look. We can discuss your favorites from your session for a beautiful album as well. Orders will be placed during this meeting.

Art Delivery

Roughly 4 weeks after your ordering appointment, your pieces will be ready to display throughout your home! You will have your images to cherish for a lifetime showcase to guests!

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1. We will meet virtually to discuss wardrobe options and what you are interested in for artwork for your home.
2. We will meet at a beautiful location and shoot your session.
3. After your session we will have a virtual meet up and I will showcase your session and we will pick out the perfect gallery wall, album or photo box.
4. 4 weeks after your ordering appointment your products will be ready for pick-up and you can cherish them forever.

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Wood photo box, albums, framed pieces

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Hi there! I am so glad your are here and learning more about what I am so passionate about! Being a busy mom of 3, I have learned how life gets crazy and family photos quickly became a stressful time and often pushed back! This is why I started a full photography experience for other busy moms!

I also quickly came to realize wardrobe for a session is so complicated and making sure your patterns work well together seems almost impossible. I decided making a stress-free experience was at the top of my list. This is why offering a client wardrobe was so important to me! I have collected over 50 beautiful dresses for you to pick from!

After your session I will take all the thinking off your plate! I wanted to make this process as seamless as possible! I created the most timeless albums, gallery walls and wood photo box for you to pick from. Getting your digitals off your screen is so important to me because being a mom I know that these memories we have with our babies will only last with photographs! I cannot wait to help you make your house a home filled with beautiful photographs of you and your family!

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Galena and Dubuque
Maternity, Newborn & Family

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