About Me

Hello there! I am Samantha, or mostly known as Sami. My family and I live in the cozy country of Southwest Wisconsin. I live a busy life of being a mama to TWO boys and another on the way! When I am not photographing or chasing my littles you can find me snuggled on the couch watching sitcoms, but let's be honest that never happens. 
As a photographer, I view the world through a creative lens. This creativity has led me to many adventures, and has given me the chance to collaborate with some truly talented individuals.
I’m always searching for more opportunities to explore further, continue growing and expand my skill set. I offer printing services to create heirloom art pieces you can cherish for the rest of your life. Don't get me wrong I love viewing work through social media, but nothing beats a handmade album on your coffee table. Soon I hope to be photographing you! I offer professional packages for family, milestone and wedding services. If you’d like to learn more, contact me below.


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For me, photography is more than taking beautiful images - it’s about capturing the emotion and essence of a single moment, and sharing that with the world. I view challenges as opportunities, and love collaborating with partners on projects and single photoshoots. Explore my portfolio and contact me directly for more information.


SLM Photography

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