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Hello there! I am Samantha, or mostly known as Sami. My family and I live in the cozy country of Southwest Wisconsin. I serve the Madison area. I can relate to how stressful a session can be! Once I became a mom, I knew I had to offer something special to you moms who do not have time to plan a session, plan a wardrobe and then to figure out how to get your session off a hard drive! This is why I created the SLM Photography Experience, including all the things to make this as stress-free as possible!

It was first so important to me to add a client wardrobe to my moms to make them feel most beautiful at their session. And why buy that high end dress you are only going to wear once? I have curated a wardrobe of over 50 dresses to fit the needs of all my moms!

I am guilty of getting our pictures done and letting them sit on my computer and never actually displaying them throughout my home. I don't want you to have something happen to your hard rive and lose all your precious memories of you and your family! I have picked out the perfect pieces to add to your house to make it feel like home! From the perfect album to a beautiful gallery wall! I look forward to making this happen for you!



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